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6 Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

Don't wait until your roof is leaking to replace it. Here are some signs that you need to call a local, licensed roofing contractor.

1. How old is your roof?

Most roofs last 20 years, but roofs installed 15 years ago or more, likely need replaced as the life expectancy of the shingles made 15 years ago, was not as long as it is today.

2. Are the edges of your shingles curled up?

This can be a sign of improper ventilation, but it can also be sign a that your roof is getting old. Either way, curled shingles are a sign that the integrity of your roof is compromised and will not shed water well.

3. Are there any missing shingles on your roof?

You may not have an immediate roof leak if you have missing shingles. However, the underlayment on the roof will quickly give out and you will start seeing signs of water damage in your home. If you wait to replace your roof until after you start seeing water damage in your home, you may have more expenses involved in repairing your home. These expenses may include: having to resheet your roof before new shingles are installed, mold remediation (a mold remediation specialist would have to be involved in this repair), and drywall repair (a drywall or general contractor would have to be involved in this repair).

4. When you clean your gutters out, are you pulling out handfuls of shingle granules?

This is a sign that your shingles are worn out. The granules that were on your shingles keep your roof watertight; once they wear off, the shingles' ability to shed water is no longer effective.

5. Do you have a leak in your roof?

Many times, roof penetrations may be flashed incorrectly. In this case, the flashings and shingles around the flashings may be able to be repaired, but often times, especially in the case of an older, brittle roof, the roof will need to be replaced. A roof may also be leaking if the roof is installed incorrectly, if there are missing shingles, or if the roof is old and worn out.

6. Do you see pronounced low spots in your roof?

These low spots are commonly a sign of deteriorated sheeting as a result of a roof leak. We commonly find these spots at the bottom of valleys or on low sloped areas which have not been treated appropriately. Often times, home owners are unaware of the problem because the leak is occurring outside of the home, such as in the roof's overhang or on a porch. Look for the pronounced low spots to prevent costly repair work.

If you suspect it's time to replace your roof, remember to contact a local and qualified roofer to assess and complete you roofing project.

Call Seth Molen Construction today to get a free estimate to replace your roof, 217-825-5327. Seth Molen Construction services the Springfield, Illinois and its surrounding areas. Seth Molen Construction is a fully credentialed residential and commercial roofing company specializing in shingle and rubber roof replacement. Hire your roofer by calling 217-825-5327. "ROOFS! Its what we do."

Author: Seth Molen, 2015

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